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kyle Boyer

Kyle grew up in Ogden Utah with 1 sister and 3 brothers. At a young age he developed a passion for athletics. He got into strength training at an early age and realized how important that aspect was going to be in his athletic career. After high school and college he was drafted to play professional baseball with the St.  Louis Cardinals. Through his college and professional career he worked with some of the best strength coaches in the business, developing a good understanding of athletic performance and the importance of strength and conditioning in athletics. This love and knowledge of training is what led him into CrossFit. He was introduced to CrossFit in 2007 and has never looked back. Him and his brother Kade were Certified through CrossFit Inc in with their Level 1 certifications and decided to open CrossFit Dixie in April 2009, mostly so they could have a place to workout and not have to alter their program because of the gym setup. From there CrossFit Dixie continued to grow into what it is today.


Kyle loves the competition side of CrossFit and how once again he was able to find a sport that pushed him and gave him focus for his training. Kyle has competed at a very high level in CrossFit since he started and has been able to compete at 5 CrossFit Regionals. His best regional finish was 5th place in the 2014 Southwest Regional.


He comes with a lot of knowledge about not only competing but just CrossFit in general. He knows the movements and coaches them very well.  He loves motivating people and seeing them set and accomplish their goals. Kyle is a strong believer that health and fitness is a huge part of having a happy, well balanced lifestyle and he not only teaches it, he lives it as well. When asked what his favorite part of owning CrossFit Dixie has been he answered “the friendships that I have made over these years and the fact that on a daily basis I get to help people become better, that’s what I love most about my job.”  Kyle is married to Tiffany Boyer and together they have 3 beautiful kids. He is also a fire fighter with Washington City Fire Dept.

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Stacy Leavitt

I was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 by one of my best friends who owns a gym in Logan, UT. There was not a CrossFit gym here in St. George at that time, so I was doing it at a globo gym. The minute I started I was hooked.  Through mutual friends, I was informed about CrossFit Dixie. I was here the first day it opened and have been here ever since. :)

I have been active ever since I was a little girl. I grew up playing softball, basketball, and volleyball. I played college volleyball and now have coached volleyball for 18 years. And since high school I have been in a weight room almost everyday of my life.


Before CrossFit, my typical work out everyday was cardio about 30 minutes and lifting for about an hour. Once I started CrossFit, I was amazed how I could get everything done within an hour. And I’ve been amazed that after 8 years, I still have made progressions in my fitness.


The best part of being a trainer, (group or personal) is that I get to see people feel good about themselves. They learn they are capable of anything they put their minds to, they work hard, and they start holding their heads up with confidence.


With the CrossFit journey and with nutritional education, it can be life changing.

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quinn Boyer

In the summer of 2009 I moved to St. George to attend Dixie State University. At that time I was introduced to CrossFit by my two older brothers, Kyle and Kade. My start to CrossFit was long, grueling, and very uncomfortable. I was out of shape and in need of a real lifestyle change. From the beginning, I noticed a difference in my life that was well worth the sacrifice and effort. Just a few weeks into my training I “drank the Kool-Aid” and realized that CrossFit was going to change what fitness meant to me.


This led me to receive my Level 1 Certification later that year and I began coaching regularly with my brothers. Since then I have seen great things happen not only in my life, but also in the lives of those who put in the time and effort. I’ve come to learn and believe that fitness is as an important aspect of life as any and requires consistent hard work, sacrifice, and balance.


CrossFit has allowed me to accomplish some awesome goals up to this point, but most importantly it allows me to live a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle. CrossFit has developed into a genuine passion for me and I love being a part of the incredible family we have at CFD. There truly is no other gym like CrossFit Dixie!

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Melinda Bradley

Hi I’m Melinda Bradley I was born & raised in Southern California moved to

St. George, Utah 8 years ago. I love to workout, ride bikes, swim and when I was introduced to Crossfit by a friend, I was hooked. Crossfit brings a whole new challenge to those who love to workout because it introduces a new level of intensity and difficulty that allows you to push yourself more than you would ever do in a normal gym. Crossfit has a great community of friends & family who support & help you reach your goals regardless of how new or a veteran of Crossfit.


What I enjoy most about training others in Crossfit is the joy it brings to them when they accomplish a goal as well as helping them understanding the functionality of movements and conditioning of their body. I am grateful to be able to teach others what Crossfit can do for them.


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Years experience

Trever Thompson

I grew up in the small farm town Ferron, Utah. I grew up loving to hunt, fish and playing athletics. I had a support system that taught me the value of hard work. Ever since I was little I loved to move and hated being stagnate.


I had the opportunity to play college baseball but as it ended I found myself not enjoying the typical gym setting.


I found CrossFit at CrossFit Dixie and the Boyer family took me under their wings. I immediately found a place I actually enjoyed working out, even if I do complain the whole time I'm working out, I'm secretly enjoying it. Most importantly I found a culture that supports each other and is family.

Brittany Pollastro

Brittany Pollastro has been coaching at CrossFit Dixie since January of 2016 and has been a member of CrossFit Dixie for several years. Brittany began her CrossFit journey in Northern California years prior to moving to St George.


Brittany is a native of Price, UT where athletics and fitness became a deep passion in her life. She went on to play volleyball and basketball for Snow College and then transferred to the University of Utah, where she received her BS in Athletic Training. Brittany moved to Northern California to work as an athletic trainer at the University of the Pacific; she also received her MA in Sports Science while she was there. Brittany later moved to St. George in 2013 to work with the the athletic teams at Dixie State University, which she loves. Brittany has worked as an ATC in a variety of settings including the Professional Bull Riding tour, ECHL hockey, USA Speed Skating, and NCAA athletics.


CrossFit has been a staple in her life since 2011. While looking for a new approach to fitness outside of the mundane treadmill running, basic machines, and a bit of weight training, Brittany was introduced to CrossFit and has never looked back!  She appreciates the variety and intensity in the workouts, the competitive nature, and the tight-knit community that CrossFit has to offer.


Coaching at CrossFit Dixie has been an amazing adventure for her. She loves helping the members improve their skills and techniques; seeing the members progress and thrive in CrossFit is inspiring to her. Brittany enjoys the friendship of the members and coaches and the incredible environment. CrossFit Dixie is definitely the best box in Southern Utah!



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Years experience

Kloie DAwn

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